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Meet Chris

Chris Failla is a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, executive and relationship coach, and Gallup-certified Strengths Consultant. He worked in Community Development for five years in China and has a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Chris has worked with leaders and teams on every inhabited continent, and helps humans from all industries find their WHY, stress-proof their life, and play to their strengths, so that they and their teams are energized, fulfilled, and productive!

Chris has been married to Sarah for over 20 years, and they have three boys. As a family, they enjoy traveling (50+ countries & he speaks three languages), time in the snow, and planning their next adventure.

Tim Rhoades

Tim Rhoades

With over 28 years experience in education, Tim has helped the Lighthouse staff tailor their curriculum and activities in ways that best promote learning.
Jolean Rhoades

Jolean Rhoades

Seeing personal and professional growth in the clients that Lighthouse serves fulfills her purpose professionally.

Melodye Reeves

Being involved with a group of people who care so deeply about making an investment in the lives of others has been a fantastic opportunity.
Melissa Fredericks

Melissa Fredericks

Melissa is thankful for the opportunity to work for such an amazing organization that truly prides itself in investing in others.
Josh Donovan

Josh Donavan

Coaching & Consulting provide opportunities to invest in the lives of others, personally and professionally, fulfilling Josh’s ultimate purpose.
Stephen Headshot

Stephen Dummit

Stephen is excited to enrich the personal and professional lives of others by helping them develop systems for success.
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Sarah Failla

Alongside her coaching expertise, Sarah leads a rich and adventurous life, exploring new cultures with her husband and three boys across 50+ countries.

Chris Failla

Chris has been married to Sarah for over 20 years, and they have three boys. As a family, they enjoy traveling, time in the snow, and adventuring.
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Brianna Donovan

Brianna finds her core identity as a wife and mother of three daughters.
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